Monday, December 20, 2010

Christmastime is near...

I can't believe we are 5 days away from Christmas 2010. I also can't believe I am pretty much ready! I've got most of my shopping done...most of my wrapping done...and have all of the supplies to do some holiday baking and candy making!

The boys made sugar cookies this afternoon...good thing they like to bake! I am not a big fan of baking. I'm not sure why, really. Precise measurements? Big messes? I don't know. It's just not my preference. BUT, my boys like to there ya go! Sugar cookies are currently being iced in blue...and eaten!

We got our tree last Monday...finally! It's a beautiful little 4-foot tree that fits on the end table perfectly. It's just the right size for our little house. Not to mention it was so easy to put the lights on...bonus!

And for the next few days our house will be full of lovely messes...baking supplies and baked goods, wrapping paper, lists that I'm checking twice (and three times if they're not careful!)...and lots of pretty presents under the tree! Typically, Christmas makes me grumpy every's usually over the financial aspect. But once I get going I really do enjoy it. I love the lights...and I love to give gifts...and I love being with family. Oh...and I love eating cookies!

I better go wrap a few more gifts...

Are you ready for Christmas? What's left on your to-do list?


Christina said...

you and i area so much alike. simple gifts and pretty wrapping for us. i am as ready as i will be. lol
your tree sounds adorable.

ps: wasn't ina's trip to london amazing?? love her...
love you! ; )

Mavis said...

Today we are taking the teenagers ice skating... then all that's left is to make an fruit bouquet for my parents.

Merry Christmas Mrs. Figgy... May your day be merry and bright

Kelly said...

Not ready, but rarely ever am! Headed to my room with the laptop to see if I can record myself reading stories to my son to burn to CD's so he can have me "read" to him even when I'm doing something else.
Charlie that was a wholesome cartoon!