Monday, July 28, 2014

over the weekend...

The Truckee River
On Friday afternoon Chris and I headed up to my aunt and uncle's cabin at Donner Lake. My parents are staying there to take care of their dog and enjoy life at their cabin for a couple of weeks so we took some time to go hang with them. We packed our bags, filled two big bowls with cat food for the cats (and locked them out!), overflowed the chicken feeder, made sure all living things had plenty of water, loaded the car and headed to the Sierras.

Once there I spent my time...
  • hanging with my hubby and my parents
  • thrifting 
  • relaxing
  • eating big breakfasts
  • people watching from the deck
  • cooking
  • using  my real camera
  • watching a lot of (very painful Giants) baseball
  • taking a drive around town and finding a cool area on the Truckee River
  • climbing out on a rock at said cool area that I wouldn't have climbed out on before my decision to be brave.
  • kayaking...for the first time (I didn't cry but I will admit, I was close a few times)
  • enjoying the beautiful was perfect.


Denise said...

you made good use of your time!
and yipeeee for kayaking!!

Angela said...

Glad you are enjoying your Summer. We are a bit dry here and praying for rain. Wish you blessings!