Monday, July 21, 2014

over the weekend...

We took Seth back to school and moved him into his cute little house on Saturday. We gave hugs and kisses and said our goodbyes and were about to hop in the car when it dawned on me we hadn't unpacked a pot or a pan. " are you going to cook any of this food we just bought you?" Cricket, cricket, cricket. Turns out he forgot that they were in storage...which he won't have access to for two weeks. Instead of hitting the road, we spent the next hour or so gathering a pot and a pan. Seeing as how he is the only one in his house for two weeks and seeing as how he doesn't have a car...this could have been bad!

Chris and I sulked a little on the drive home...missing Seth already and knowing that Ian wasn't at home either. But then we talked about all the good things the boys are doing, and how this is the way it's supposed to be, and I cried a little, and we argued about which radio station to listen to....ya know, the usual. Then we stopped for a big, fat messy burger. And we felt a little bit better. Extremely FULL. But better.

Yesterday it was just the two of us...we rested and watched movies. We puttered in the garden and harvested tomatoes, grapes, a(nother) giant zucchini and a cucumber. Chris made his killer salsa and we snacked on it with chips followed by a cluster of grapes to cool the heat of the jalapeno!

Overall, it was good. Bittersweet. But good. 


Denise said...

your should read Soulemama today - similar thoughts!

Martha Craig said...

My heart was with you each step of your way taking Seth to school and coming back. The first time we took Don down to school, I cried all the way - we then went to Disneyland for the day, and I cried some more. That night in the hotel my husband asked, "Are you going to cry all night" - "Yes" I replied and did. It is so hard to give them up - and yet that is what we're supposed to do - we are successes as parents if they go off to college and do all the right things. So why does it hurt so much. . . cutting apron strings is a painful process. Thanks for sharing - it always helps to know you're not alone!