Saturday, July 12, 2014

it's Saturday...which really doesn't mean much when you're off for the summer but...

gathering eggs can be a bit messy sometimes...kinda like life...
It's Saturday...and I'm showered and fed and getting ready to head to the store for a few things.

The internet was down for a few days so the blog was a bit neglected. I tried to update from my tablet but that proved to be a bit more challenging than I thought it would be.

I did write a post earlier in the week about depression but then chickened out and didn't post it.

I got my hair done yesterday...color, highlights, cut...yes, it was time to wash that gray right out of my hair. Yikes!

Some friends of ours stopped by this afternoon with a gift...a basket full of Santa Rosa plums from their backyard. They made my morning...and the plums are delicious! I think the gift of homegrown food is so special. (Thank you, Jeff and Jill!)

And on that note...we really need to plant a Santa Rosa plum, stat.

I'm missing my boy a lot. We all are. He's boating and jet skiing and paddle boating and having a great time...but I sure do  miss his sweet face and funny antics...can't wait for him to be HOME.

Just a reminder that I keep it real around here, I don't just write about the pretty, fluffy stuff. I write about life; the good, the bad and the's important for me to keep it real. This works for some, and not for others. And I'm OK with that. Some may think it's not good to "put it all out there"...but I guess I figure why not? Writing is therapeutic as it turns out, and for some, knowing that others are in the same boat that they are is helpful. So...honest it is.

Suppose I better get a move on, those errands aren't gonna run themselves.

Enjoy your Saturday...xo


fjord girl said...

Hello Michelle- long time no see. Your blog looks so lovely- fun to visit again. I hope you are having a wonderful summer.

Denise said...

oh my gosh - i have started and deleted a post a few times now about keeping it real and how really, this week kinda sucked as far as summer goes.

thanks for keeping it real!

Brenda said...

Wish you hadn't chickened out.