Saturday, November 16, 2013

this & that

Is it weird that I love the ampersand? It's my favorite symbol. 

The weekend is here...Food Network is on...I'm still in my jammies...and there isn't a plan in sight for this weekend. I'm taking advantage of this while I can before wrestling tournaments start.

Laundry is tumbling...muffins have been baked and oatmeal has been made for the chickens. Libby even ate some this morning (with a little butter, banana and brown sugar.) Can you say spoiled chicken? I don't know what else to do other than keep her comfortable.  I set her up in the kitchen for the night again last night...a box lined with hay and fresh pine shavings made for a cozy, warm bed. I put her outside yesterday and she seemed to do we'll do that again today. Maybe some sunshine will help, too.

Friends shared some interesting things on Facebook this morning...thought I'd share them here...

A little something about boring men.
This guy's story is incredible...God is good.
What's worse than pink slime? Molded pink slime.

On that note...I'm going to get my day going. Time for a shower...possibly a quick trip to the grocery store...probably a run to the library to pick up a book on hold, "A Pig in Provence"...and back home to sort through all of the bedding I have for our bed. It's all mismatched these days. Over the years either the flat sheets have worn out or the fitted...pillow cases have torn or become too now our bed is a jumble of all the survivors. I want to go through everything we have, see what goes and what doesn't, get rid of what I won't use, then replace whatever is necessary. I'm not the type to buy a "bed in a bag"...not into the matchy-match thing. So because of that, our room has always been a jumble. Maybe if I go through everything we have I can make some sense out of it and come up with something that looks like I meant to do it! We'll see...

Have a great Saturday...xoxox


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