Friday, November 29, 2013

Black Friday Schmack Friday.

I don't shop on Black Friday. And I never will. At least not on purpose. I went out the year before last on a Black Friday by accident and that was all I needed to confirm why I don't do it on purpose. What a nightmare!

There is nothing I need or want that bad that I will go out and fight crowds, lose sleep, camp out, risk being get it. (OK, OK...I know the whole trampling thing might be a bit could happen!!)

Instead? I will stay home, eat leftovers from the amazing Thanksgiving feast my mom hosted yesterday, tidy up the place a bit, do (never-ending) laundry, and whatever else my little heart desires. Ha! I make myself laugh sometimes. Whatever my heart that is funny.

What are you doing today? Anything your heart desires? Do you brave the craziness of Black Friday shopping?


Denise said...

I just bought my christmas present online from an etsy shop!! that my friend is the extent of my black friday shopping :)

we are having t-day #2 with my family today. double the pleasure this year.

enjoy whatever your heart desires :)

Wren said...

Negative Hobson! No Black Friday shopping here.. Trying to do all handmade this year ~ purchased / or made. Although, "small buisness Saturday" may just take me to the yarn shop- xo.