Wednesday, November 13, 2013

sick chicken

I noticed one of the chickens was under the weather on Monday. She was walking funny and had her tail tucked under. I brought her in, made her a cozy bed in a box of hay and started searching the internet for "sick chicken" advice.

After two days of observation and not much change in her behavior, appetite or condition I deducted that she might be "egg-bound". Several of the sites I visited recommended a "chicken spa"...a long soak in a warm water bath with Epsom salts. So...when I got home from work today Libby got a soak in the spa!  Afterward, I wrapped her in a towel and held her for a bit. She was calm and seemed relaxed. Then...I dried her feathers with the blow dryer on low so she wouldn't catch a chill. (Yes, I did.)

When I put her back in her box (with nice, fresh pine shavings) she actually began eating some of her applesauce. Then I gave her a little bit of banana and she gobbled it up! It's the most she's eaten since Monday evening.

However, after all of that I am thinking she's NOT egg-bound. I have no idea what's wrong with her. So we'll just keep giving her TLC and hope for the best. Poor girl...


Denise said...

I was thinking of her is she today?

Wren said...

Oh no Libby! One of the girls I work with has chickens. A true chicken whisperer.. Hope Libby is on the mend and I LOVE that you dried her feathers.