Monday, November 11, 2013

Feeling good about...

extra garlic, onions and turmeric...good for you!

    • an extra (much needed) day off
    • a quiet morning with lots of hot coffee
    • a long, hot shower
    • washing dishes in hot, sudsy water
    • healthful broth simmering on the extra dash of turmeric...feeling a little sneezy and wheezy the last few days...gotta kick it!
    • making a (BIG) dent in the laundry pile
    • watching morning shows...a guilty pleasure on days off
    • letting the chickens free-range
    • egg nog...or as my cousin Jenna would say, "Egga nogga"
    • celebrating the many veteran's that fought for this country...thank you.


Jenna Galloway said...

The only to make that day better would be for me to be there!

Denise said...

waaaaah, I had to work today!
glad you are enjoying your day - you had me at lots of hot coffee!