Sunday, April 28, 2013

at the last minute.

Seth and I took a last minute drive to the coast to visit one of the two colleges he is choosing from. We left Thursday around noon and arrived at our destination 6 hours later. It would have been 4 had it not been for a HUGE accident that stopped traffic. Completely. Seth found us an alternate route that, although a bit scary for this mom, got us around the wreck and to a much needed Starbuck's. With coffee in hand we were ready to take on the rest of our drive.

Once we got into town we found our hotel, checked in and freshened up a bit. We ate dinner at a mexican food place across from the hotel then took a night drive around town. Then decided it was time for a good night's sleep. It had been a long day.

In the morning Seth met up with a classmate from last year that is currently attending the college for a dorm tour. (He gave it a thumb's up.)Then we headed to our scheduled group tour at 11:10. The tour was about 90 minutes and very informative. We both really liked what we saw and heard.

After the tour we were hungry and decided to grab a sandwich and head to a nearby beach to eat lunch. We ended up finding a little deli inside a fishing shack where we ordered a turkey avocado sandwich (for me) and a burger (for him) along with a couple iced teas. To go, of course. We found an easy access to the beach, grabbed a blanket from the back seat and headed out to the sand to eat.

The weather was perfect...warm and sunny with a cool ocean breeze. The waves were gently crashing (can they crash gently?) onto the shore...I love that sound. I always forget just how much.

After we were done we sat and enjoyed the sun for a bit then decided we'd better hit the road and head home. We had a long drive ahead of us.

Now the time has come to decide which college he will go to. I can't believe it.

To be continued....


Denise said...

what a fun little trip for the two of you. I'm excited to hear where he decides to go.

Beegirl said...

How exciting! Sounds like a wonderful day. How nice to be within driving distance of the shore!