Monday, April 1, 2013

April 1.

 A few things about April...

  • I don't believe in April Fool's Day. And I'm not kidding.
  • This isn't necessarily just about April...but being the 1st reminded me that I never like to turn the calendar page to the next my calendars typically stay on the last month for at least a week into the new month. No wonder I'm always feeling behind!
  • I was born in April. 
  • My mom was born in April.
  • We were both born on April 11th. 
  • I love sharing a birthday with my mama.
  • My Papa Chuck was born on April 4th. I will be thinking of him a little extra this coming Thursday.
  • Whenever April rolls around I realize that I didn't plant seedlings and am, yet again, getting a late start on planting the garden. Good thing my family doesn't rely on my ability to grow food for their survival.
  • I love having a birthday in birthstone is a diamond. 
  • April showers bring May flowers. Let's hope!

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