Monday, March 25, 2013

weekend wrap-up.

Last week was good...full, steady. Friday evening around dinner time Seth took a nap and Ian went to a friend' Chris and I decided to go on a dinner date! We grabbed one of our gift cards from Christmas and headed out to a steak dinner. It was delicious...he had ribs, I had steak and shrimp...we were very satisfied and very full. On the way home we stopped at Red Box and grabbed a few DVD's and called it a night.

Saturday was good...Ian and Chris got a ton of stuff done around the and tidying and organizing the side yard and garage. Seth was at a calculus thing in the morning and with friends in the afternoon so he missed out on the fun.

As for me? I puttered around the house...did laundry, tidied our room, simmered some "health-full broth" on the stove, watched Food Network and my most favorite of all...made sun tea. I made a store run...stopped by the library...grabbed some cherry limeades and watermelon slushes during Sonic's Happy Hour...and headed back home to make some calzones for dinner. They were a hit...although next time we all agreed they could be a bit cheesier. There was ice cream for dessert and survival shows on TV. By the time we all fell into our beds I think we were all asleep before our heads hit our pillows.

Chris and I woke early on Sunday the coffee started and had a nice quiet beginning to the day. Sunday was deemed "Seth's turn" to help around the house...he and Chris mowed and edged lawns, trimmed shrubs and trees, cleared out an overgrown area that looks so much nicer now. Ian was only assigned to tidy his room and get his homework done (since he'd busted his behind the day before)...then he headed to a friend's house.

As for me? I washed bedding and let it dry in the sunshine. And I researched homemade facial cleansers then headed to the nutrition shop here in town for some supplies....glycerine, lavender Castille soap, dried calendula, comfrey, mullein and rose hips. I am finally beginning to understand my way around the nutrition shop...that's kinda cool. For the longest time it was all very foreign to me...I'd wander around aimlessly then leave empty handed. I was going to get some essential oils but I thought they were overpriced. But then I came home and looked around online and found that their prices were actually fair. Maybe I'll stop by tomorrow and get one...or two.

The weekend hummed along at a nice pace...slow and easy and consistent. Then as it always does, it drew to a close all too soon.

It was good while it lasted...

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