Friday, March 22, 2013

the long way home.

I made a library run last night...sandals with's the new look. I renewed a book that I had renewed too many times online...the clerk did it without saying one single word to me. She was taking quiet very seriously. Or maybe she was a bit rude?

I grabbed a stack of magazines...checked the Just In shelf...skimmed the videos...then headed to self-checkout.

I decided to take the long way home...a drive down one of my favorite country roads here in town. The sun had already set...the air was was good. Not sure what it is about being in the car...but I love it. I love driving...being driven...just going somewhere. (Odd for a self-proclaimed homebody.)

I drove and drove...admired the green hills and felt sad that all too soon they'd be gone...brown and yellow from the heat that will be here soon enough.

It was time to head home...but a good song came on so I drove just a little longer.


Unknown said...

We are SO related. Love you!

Denise said...

you have left me wondering - what book?