Friday, March 1, 2013


It's Friday. And I made it through the week. Not that I shouldn't have made it through. But some weeks are, uh, longer than others, ya know?

Would you believe there aren't any plans for the weekend? Tomorrow is a special day,'s my dad's birthday! Happy Birthday Dad! (Even though you don't read my blog...tell him I said HB, would ya mom?)

I admit, I like not having plans for the weekend. I'm such a homebody. you ever run errands with a friend? Every now and then I will run to Trader Joe's with a friend...or Costco. It's way more fun than going by yourself.

Today my friend and I went to TJ's. Have you ever had their frozen green beans? Oh my goodness...another friend turned me on to them a few months back and we've been eating them regularly ever since. They are so good. I mean, ya know, for frozen vegetables. A little butter and salt and pepper and they are the perfect quick and healthy side dish.

Then another friend told me about TJ's coffee a while back, Trader Joe's Dark. You grind the beans yourself, either there or at home. I do it just seems easier to me. It's tasty. And only $5 for a medium canister. We are not coffee snobs...I typically buy what's on sale, or a Costco brand, or when I'm at TJ's, TJ's Dark. I keep my options open.

Hmmm...what else did I buy? Lots of salad, cucumbers, zucchini, ground beef, apples...we'll have pasta sometime this weekend and probably a stir fry. Oh, yeah, I bought brown rice and whole wheat pasta, too. I don't know what it is but I am having a hard time making permanent healthy changes in our diet. I go in spurts. Then I return to old habits. I wish I could figure out healthier ways of cooking and just have them come naturally. I guess it takes time...
Oh! And don't forget...I'm going to be having a giveaway soon to celebrate 1000 posts. Probably sometime next week at the rate I'm going. But don't worry...I really think you'll find it was worth the wait.


Denise said...

enjoy your weekend!!

rhondajo said...

I LOVE not having anything planned for the weekend. A stress free weekend means that I can kick back and do whatever or nothing! And it also means that when I return to work, I will be well rested and ready to jump back into it.

My diet right now is pretty basic. I call it the NO diet. NO chips, no fries, no mayo and no sugar. AND I love fast food. :( So, when I get the McChicken I dump the bun and get it w/no mayo. Salads have to have reduced fat dressing. Wendy's has a cod fillet sandwich right now, and I dump the bun and get it with no tartar sauce. Seriously, I lose weight on this if I do it every day!

Love your blog!