Sunday, August 5, 2012

Sunday morning...

This reminds me of my Papa Gene.


It's a beautiful Sunday...

We are lazy and tired and decided to stay home from church.
(edit: we ended up getting ready in a hurry and going to church. It was good.)

Instead we will get ready for the week to come.

Summer is almost over. Already.

I think the boys and I will try to do something fun.

Chris started a new job on answer to prayer.

I was offered a new job that same day...and I accepted it.
(more on that later...)

God is good.
All the time.


Unknown said...

My mom and I were JUST talking about this phrase - seriously - like three days ago...I love it too. :) Enjoy your Sunday!

Denise said...

can't wait to here - the rest of the story! hooray for you guys :)

Denise said...

hear not here - of course!