Monday, August 27, 2012


Bear...our new family member.

It's Monday...already. The weekend was good...productive...restful. Can it be both? Yes, I think so.

The boys are off to school. Chris is off to "the office" weird to say after having a husband that's been in some form of construction for the past 18 years.

I have been making smoothies for the boys for breakfast for the last week or so...berries, yogurt, juice, protein powder, a little bit of banana (it can be quite overpowering)...they are a hit and reportedly keep them full until lunch. I haven't added anything green yet...we might have to experiment with that a bit first.

My job is going well...the time flies most days. Elementary school kids sure do get hurt a lot...or so they say. Bumped heads, skinned knees, tummy aches and mysterious aches and pains...amazing what an ice pack and a band-aid can do!

I thought I had more to talk about this morning...but suddenly I am drawing a blank. I think it's because it's Monday...I'm still getting adjusted to them. Summer hasn't quite worn off, yet.


Denise said...

have a good day Michelle.

APeacock said...

Oh my he's so cute!!!!

Smoothies always seem like so much work! lol

I am so glad you are liking your new job!