Friday, August 3, 2012

Clara's Kitchen:

I was browsing through blogs this morning and came across a link to an amazing woman named Clara. I cried from the moment the video started all the way through the 3 or 4 other videos I watched. I love her. And wish that she lived nearby. Because if she did I would visit her.

She shares recipes as well as stories of being a child growing up during the depression. She remembers it as being a tough time, but also a good time of working hard, sticking together and making something good out of what little they had.

Clara also has a cookbook out that I definitely need to get my hands on.

She reminds me of Noni in a lot of ways. I had the idea a few years back to make videos of my grandparents. I wish I had followed through with it...

Take some time to watch a video or three...I think you'll love her, too.


Sheryl said...

Oh my she precious!! I love the video where she is answering everyone's questions. Thanks for sharing this.

Denise said...

don't you just love how slowly she moves - like in a good way. Off to watch more videos :)

thanks for linking!

p.s. - I pretty much love all old peeps - except for the grumpy ones.