Tuesday, January 10, 2012

It's nice to get out of town sometimes.

can you feel the love?
Last week the boys and I, along with my mom, took a two hour drive to Donner Lake to spend some time with my aunt and uncle at their cabin. It was our second time there and WE LOVE IT. The gorgeous lake is a mere walk down their front steps and across the road...the view out of their living room window is of trees and water and mountains. It's wonderful...

I wonder how long this has been here?
The weather was beautiful. Cold and sunny, perfect in my opinion. And no snow, like everywhere else, right? It was kind of a bummer...but since I'm not real experienced at driving in snow, I was OK with it.

the water was so still.
Of course I took a lot of pictures...I think it was 124. (Or 142? Something like that.) Not bad for a 24 hour period. 

lots of love along the beach...

We also did some shopping, my uncle took the boys for a hike, we worked on a puzzle (I love puzzles), and ate good meals.

we found them like that.
But most importantly...we relaxed. We slowed down. We rested. We spent time with family. I'm pretty sure it was good for all of us.

the end of the day.


Jennifer said...

sounds heavenly.

to be with all that gorgeous scenery and still have time for puzzles...that's perfect.

gorgeous shots btw.

teekaroo said...

Beautiful pictures!

Nancy said...

absolutely gorgeous scenery!