Tuesday, October 25, 2011

It's Tuesday.

It's Tuesday. So far, so good. Everyone is headed off to start their busy days. I fed them breakfast, packed their lunches, and even included a snack or two. My brain is rather jumbled...some days it's a bit of a challenge to organize my thoughts. Today is one of those days. Soooo....guess what that means? Yep. Bullet-points.
  • My house smells like Axe (you know, the men's deodorant) and coffee. It's kind of a weird combo...I know.
  • I just realized I was born on a Tuesday. And supposedly "Tuesday's child is full of grace". Um. I must've missed something...I am so not graceful!
  • The more I say the word Tuesday, the more I like it.
  • There's moisture on the windshield...finally.
  • The leaves are falling from the Japanese Maple.
  • I'm wearing a sweatshirt.
  • Yep, winter is coming.
  • I just completed my first online class on Sunday. And then I started my second one yesterday. No breaks. Power through. I like it that way. Oh...and I got an A. :)
  • I don't have to purchase books for this next class...hallelujah!
  • It helps to write down everything I have to do and then place an empty box next to it so I can check it off when it's done. Thank goodness for back to school 10-cent notebooks.
  • I'm obsessed with sending my son off to college. Not that I want to send him off. But I want to be prepared. So I am gathering as much info as I can so that I am ready when the time comes. Because it's coming...whether I'm ready or not. Yes, I know I have over a year...but as we all know, time flies.
  • I didn't plant any winter veggies. I'm kind of annoyed. Maybe I'll join the CSA for the winter instead. Or do I still have time to plant? Whaddya think? Maybe at least some kale?
  • I have class tonight. I'm not cooking dinner.
Speaking of class...I have some homework to finish! Have a great day!!


Denise said...

i like your bullet points. yuck, that axe stuff. i tell my boys they are just spraying chemicals. they don't care. you are such a good student. so proud of you!! and, yes to the kale. mine is growing. it is not too late. besides, what is a few seeds....

have a great TUESDAY!!

p.s. you made me sad when you said you cried hard. letting go is so tough. hang in there mom :)

Peggy Hostetler said...

I like your bullet points as well. To me it reads organized:-) Really like your blog!

Nancy said...

hello friend, love the bullet points! coongrats on that A! way to go.
yes, yes, yes to the preparing for college. i can't tell you how much you will be glad you did when the time comes. the whole process is so overwhelming. i can say that preparing for that 2nd year is much easier...yes, she hasn't finished her first semester and we're already preparing for next year by getting info together for scholarship applications.
might i suggest a book to you? the gift of an ordinary day by katrina katterson. have you read it? if not, request it at your library right now. you can thank me later. xo

Christina said...

tuesday was a good day, all around. ; )