Friday, October 21, 2011


...a photo from a little shop in Sonoma.
Friday? Already? This week sure went by fast. It started off with a stereotypical Monday...hadn't had one of those in a while. It included several very late nights...something that isn't good for me with the fibromyalgia and all. It included a morning of oversleeping...I don't know that my kids have ever been late to school due to oversleeping...ever!? (See? Those late nights...not good.)And it included a bout with the stomach flu...always fun, eh? But in the's looking like we're gonna end it on a good note. Thank goodness!

Anyway...see that photo above? I took it while on a day out with my mom a while back. We were in a neat little shop trying to escape the rain! I loved that burlap curtain/room divider. It was nothing fancy...raw edges, no hems, just a few stitches to make the rod pocket, and there ya detail. I love it. Someday when I have a home that requires something like this...I'm totally doing it. Not only does it look interesting...but I imagine it's also budget friendly. If you really wanted to make it "sew" easy (ha!) you could hang it from one of those cable thingies with the metal clips from Ikea and not have to sew a rod pocket at all. Just sayin'...

Speaking of inspiration...every once in a while when I need to zone out and take a break from paper writing I click on over to Pinterest. Have you been there? Oh much to see! I can really get lost there. If you want, you can follow me. (Disclaimer: There is some nudity so be careful about the other eyes in the room. I think it's inappropriate. each his own. I just scroll on by...quickly.)

Another source of inspiration, mainly for the home, is a site called It's broken down into decorating styles...traditional, eclectic, modern, etc. You create an account and then you can file photos you want to save for inspiration.

I've been taking poetry a bit more seriously as of late...thanks to my creative writing class. A friend recommended for some inspiration. As with any reading material there's good stuff...and some maybe not so much. Although, that is just my opinion...what I am not drawn to, someone else may be. That's the beauty of creativity I guess...something for everyone.

And as always one of my ultimate favorite places for inspiration....Flickr. The photos that people take astound me daily...

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What's inspiring you lately?


Amy @ Homestead Revival said...

LOL!! Michelle, I can always tell when we're on Pinterest at the same time... pins pop up from you and probably visa versa. You have fabulous taste, I might add! I've been pinning a bit extra lately... weather is cooling and indoor projects are getting moved to the forefront. My DH is painting the hall closet doors as we speak (left over project from Dec. 2010) and the red doors should get a coat this weekend since I picked up the paint yesterday. If I could just get the laundry room finished...

I just received some of the prettiest burlap you can imagine from my friend, Andrea at The French Basketeer. She just got published in Romantic Homes Magazine's special Holiday publication... The entire article is on Burlap and gift ideas. Do check it out.

Oh, and have you looked at drop cloths for decorating? I've seen so many ideas on this and I actually looked at some at Home Depot yesterday. Very reasonable and pretty.

My, I'm chatty today... better go get on the treadmill and then clean the front rooms.
Have a very blessed weekend, friend!!

Jeannine said... is definitely a place to explore. There is much I don't like, but I've also found really wonderful material there. :)

Denise said...

i am purposely staying away from pininterst. i don't know. i feel like blogging/flkr./email is enough for me.

glad your week is ending on a better note. i agree, it was a fast one!

Nancy said...

glad you're ending the week on a high note! the beginning sounds yukky. inspiration? i need some in the category of work wardrobe...any suggestions?