Friday, September 30, 2011

tell me something good...

Life is good.
Wanna hear about it? Here it go!
(I'll send a packet of my latest note card designs to the first person who can tell me where that's from!)

Good things:
  • getting good grades...I've got A's in both my classes so far. Go me!
  • cool morning's beautiful right now.
  • celebrating the birth of my hubby....Happy Birthday honey!
  • steady work...I'm grateful.
  • working with nice people...the school I'm working at is great.
  • tomatoes, tomatoes, tomatoes...harvested another big basket yesterday.
  • salsa! my husband makes the most delicious salsa...
  • my sons...I love them more than I can express.
  • talking about God with women who feel the same way I do about Him.
  • being prayed for by those women (thank you ladies...xo)
  • knowing that autumn will soon be least I think it will!
  • a good night's sleep.
  • working for my means so much more when you earn it.
  • talking to another mom at the Homecoming float building extravaganza about making pickles...can't wait to try her technique.
  • knowing that each day I am one step closer to where I'm supposed to be...that is definitely very good.
What's good in your world today?


afkjl said...

I do believe that is Calhoun Tubbs from In Living Color

Denise said...

i have not a clue where that is from. Life is good. Sunny this morning. Raining this afternoon. It's friday. No soccer practices tonight. blessed with good people in my life - including you!

WhiteStone said...

I haven't a clue about the quote, but I, too, am grateful and thanking God that "life is good" no matter what!!!!

Christina said...

The thought of that salsa always gets me. ; )

nancy said...

love the line, "working for my weekend...means so much more when you earn it."