Saturday, June 5, 2010

Sunny Saturday

Just popping in real quick to say hi. Seth has a Double Header today so that's where we'll be all afternoon. Ian had Closing Ceremonies last that's where we were last night!

In between all the baseball hullabaloo I haven't been here because I've been too busy stalking my my online college course to find out my final grade. I've been stalking my class for about three days! And she finally graded my paper yesterday...I got an A on my final and an A in the class!! That made my day. Two classes down, and two A's on the GPA. Yes!! (I need track record is not as impressive...ahem. This is definitely one of the perks amid the many downfalls to returning to college as an adult.)

School is out this next Thursday...I'm not ready. I never am. And now that I'm working part-time I'm even a little more anxious about it since I'll have to leave them every day. I realize they're old enough to stay home on their own...and I do leave them home on occasion. But every day? I don't know...I just don't like it. I like to be the home base, you know? I always have. Working and leaving them with sitters has never been comfortable for me...ever. And I had really great care for my kids during the times I worked. Really great. But it still wasn't me. And that was tough.

Regardless...I have to work. And the kids are getting out of school. And life is what it is. And we'll all be just fine. Although I can't believe my BABY will be going into junior high next fall...what?! When did that happen? Wasn't he just in first grade with a cute little boy haircut? You know the one, combed to the cute. Now he's a long hair and going into junior high with an

I suppose I better get going...I have to dry my hair, put on some mascara (about the extent of my beauty routing), eat a little something and head out the door. It's hot the 90's I think. I'm not ready for that either! I've been spoiled by this cool and rainy spring weather.

So what are you doing today? Whatever it is...enjoy it!


Talitha said...

Oh it's SO nice to be back and to hear how you're doing again! Sounds like you have a lot of fun lined up for the day. Have a GREAT time! :-)

Mari said...

Yeah for the A grade...knew you could do that! :)
I am with ya on not wanting to leave kiddoes alone or even with a sitter. Having to work is what it is though, and I so understand. I'd rather be home too with my grandbabies.
Enjoy your day. We have been invited to dinner tonight, so looking forward to some good fellowship.

Kelly said...

Congrats on the A! Wow-kids are still in school where you live? Our schools let out two weeks ago-or is it 3 now?
Give your concerns about leaving them home to God. He has to take care of them anyway!

Nancy said...

You'll do fine this will all fall into routine and it will work itself out. Don't beat yourself up, ok?

Big day for us today -- rodeo parade at my hometown and a graduation party for my niece. Quiet evening at home w/Lawman; no girls. Alison with friend and Madison at dance camp. Quiet.

Anonymous said...

you are doing so good with your classes! I am so impressed with you.