Saturday, June 12, 2010

mark this day on your calendar...

...because...I have NO-THING-TO-DO-TODAY. Can you believe it!? NOTHING! Not one single thing. We were supposed to be at a baseball game but it was postponed. Which is OK because we sat through a double-header last night. And it was fun...and the weather was perfect for some baseball. Definitely a nice way to spend a Friday night. But today? Nothing.

With that being said...let me tell you what I'm going to DO today! Everything I haven't had time to do in the past however many weeks!
  • Tidy up laundry's embarrassingly gross.
  • Wash bedding
  • Clean out car and vacuum...possibly pay a kid to do the vacuum part.
  • Scrub bathroom
  • Dust...including blinds and fan blades.
  • Vacuum
  • Tidy my out of control.
  • Clean Rosie's "dining room"...she's a messy old kitty.
  • Harvest strawberries...on Farmville...yes, I fell into the trap.
  • Deal with the piles in the dining area...I just can't seem to stop piling...may as well accept it.
  • Figure out something healthy and good for dinner...we've been eating poorly for too long.
**edit...I have a lot yet to do tomorrow!**

I think that's it. It's a start anyway. I'm sure my Adult ADD will lead me into several other distracting projects along the way. But for the most part, that's the "plan"'s ambitious...but it can be done.

What really needs to be done, but will have to happen over the course of summer, is the boys' rooms. Seth's room is a hideous yellow that I picked out when I was pregnant with Ian and haven't liked from the start. He's got a huge shelf with stuffed animals, baby books, and tons of junk I"m sure he no longer needs. He's a teen for crying out loud! So we need to deal with that this summer...especially because as we speak he and Chris are at a yard sale buying him a weight bench as a reward for pulling straight A's this year. STRAIGHT A's. I'm so proud of him!!

Speaking of straight A's...Ian got STRAIGHT A's TOO!! Man...these boys are on a ROLL!! He's getting a reward, too...not sure what yet. We'll let him choose between a few things he's been wanting. We've never rewarded our boys monetarily for their grades...we've always patted them on the back, told them "good job" and maybe took them out to a nice dinner to celebrate their successes. But they're getting is getting harder...and we feel it's time to reward their efforts a little more in hopes of encouraging them to continue with the hard work.

And speaking of Ian (well, we were a minute ago)...we need to work on his room this summer, too. It's small. And cluttered. It doesn't help that he's a pack-rat to the nth degree. He and I just had a conversation about his Lego's. He's decided that he's too old for Lego's...and Bionicles. (Here comes the crying jag again...) So over the summer we'll have to pack them all up and clear them out of his room to make room for more mature items. Not sure what will take the place of his beloved Lego's. Seriously. He's played with Lego's for eight years straight. He LOVES Legos. We have a small fortune in Lego pieces...not counting the ones that got eaten by the vacuum. Ian not playing with Lego's is the end of an era. But you know me...I'm saving them. Forever. For my grandkids. And just in case Ian decides he wants to bust them out sometime down the road and create something amazing. It could happen...

Well, it's already 10am and I've done nothing on my list. I have big plans for this unplanned day so I better get a move on! Have a beautiful Saturday...xo


ThyHandHathProvided said...

What a list! Enjoy your productive day and please tell your boys I think it's so great that they put in the hard work to get those grades!

My Sam loves legos. He's seven, but I see them in his future for a long, long time. Some of the ones he has were Jamey's. It's sweet to save them:-).

Anonymous said...

i'm keeping the legos. I gave away the bionicles. legos are just too classic! enjoy your day!

Kelly said...

We've kinda got a day like that-nothing that HAS to be done or anything at a certain time, but there's still plenty that needs to get done. We spent two hours milking this morning, then went to the farmers market and a couple of yard sales.
Why did we spend two hours milking this morning? Well there's the preparations...then one of the girls kidded yesterday and I want her to get used to the milk stand right away, and the other mama with a 3 month old just doesn't like going up there, but I made her do it today. The new baby is a doeling and I think I will bottle feed her part of the time, and see if that makes any difference when it comes her time to be milked.
Post your successes to share with us!

Tia said...

I wish I knew that you were cleaning up a storm today. Maybe I could have been inspired. I sat most of the day. Congrats on your sons' dynamic school year. Way to go!

Mari said...

Oh the legos. I did, and the matchbox cars. Now my grands are playing with them. Wish I would have saved more of the toys.