Saturday, June 26, 2010

As Mary Engelbreit would say...

...Life is Just So Daily! We have been BU-SY.

Church car washes, church bake sales, church yard sales...all to earn money for our youth to go to camp! They're leaving July 4th and coming home on the 10th. I am going to have a whole week without either one of my babies! What am I going to DO?! Um...probably the same things I always do...minus cooking a lot, cleaning a lot and washing a lot of clothes!

I have also taken a road trip to a potential campground for this year's women's retreat at my new church, worked my hours at the bookstore and attended a Belgium meeting...and I must say, plans are coming along nicely. Toss in there school work, laundry, garden (we've been getting lots of grape tomatoes, a few early girls and a handful of sweet 100's! Tasty!), chickens, baseball practice and a little sleep here and there and you've got my week in a nutshell.

Then yesterday, to top it all off, Chris brought home a new kitten. We had talked about it...but hadn't really come to a concrete decision...or so I thought...and I get home yesterday to find an adorable little gray and white kitten named Pablo in my house. Yes. I said Pablo. Don't ask. Amazingly enough, the name suits him.

We spent the day at the yard sale...which was a HUGE success by the way. It went so well. We were really blessed...and it didn't start getting really hot until we were about ready to pack it all up! That was nice. I think it must be around 100 degrees outside, so now we're inside enjoying the a/c.

I'm finally taking a few minutes to catch up on email and blogs, sipping some sun tea with Pablo sleeping on my lap. My nephew is here spending the night...he and Ian are 4 months apart and get along great. So they'll play with Pablo all night, I'm sure, in between making homemade pizzas and eating ice cream cookie sandwiches for dessert. Sounds like a nice Saturday to me.

If you're wondering why I haven't been posting pictures here it's because I haven't taken many. And it's because Chris won't allow me to put a bunch of pictures on this new computer. "That's what your external hard-drive is for." Yeah. And had I listened to that reasoning I would have all of my OLD pictures safe and sound and not have to pay a hundred dollars for someone to retrieve them for me. Ahem.

Anyway...I'll get back to getting pictures up. I just have to get into a new routine...and I just haven't felt like it lately!

So that's what's going on around these parts. How about you? How's your Saturday going?


Amy @ Homestead Revival said...

Ditto. We've been busy, too! Such a different summer this year. I'm still waiting for all that R & R! Actually, we're getting a lot done. However, I started cleaning out the pantry and haven't finished. I had a memorial service and retirement party to attend today, so it's all been sitting in my dining area! Yikes! Looks like a hurricane came through.

My husband put up a fence around the coop and the garden. #1 daughter got her provisional license (a bit late!). And Monday I'm suppose to paint a room. Not sure how I'm going to get that done with all the driving to swim team, etc. But I'm just taking one day at a time!

Anonymous said...

your house will be very quiet. i had a week without the girls. the quiet was almost too much. however, i cooked way less and had hardly any cleaning to do!! josh was busy with church activities. i am glad everyone is home now!! enjoy the break. absence makes the heart grow fonder.

Nancy said...

my youngest got home from camp last night (she'd been gone all week). feels good to have everyone home again. uhm, and that youngest girl? she's only been home 12 days of the last 30. yep, she's been on the go. but now, we're keepin' her here. and, because of her i've got oodles of laundry today.

Anonymous said...

sounds like a very busy week! i'm glad things are coming together for the Belgium trip, when do you leave?

my youngest just got back yesterday from a week of camp and although i got a lot done while she was gone, i am very happy to have her and her stinky laundry home:)