Tuesday, June 15, 2010

answerred prayer.

God is so good...and His timing is so perfect. I have to be honest...I've been feeling distant lately. Far away from God...from life...from myself. It's not depression...or anxiety...it's more of a numbness. I'm kind of just not feeling at all. I mean, I am feeling. A lot. But I'm not expressing it very well. Stuffing it, maybe. I don't know...it's hard to explain. I'm going through the motions...trying to be obedient in all that I do...trying to follow God's plan for me, and for my life...and some days, I'll admit, it's just really hard.

I got up earlier this morning than I have been lately. It was quiet...and a cool breeze was coming in the back door as I brewed some coffee. I heard God whisper, "Come and talk to me." So I did. It had been a while. Two weeks, as a matter of fact, since my last prayer journal entry. I basically just whined and cried and got it all out. I talked about being unsure about Belgium...and was He sure I was the one that was supposed to go? I talked about anxiety and stress. I talked about fear and being so tired of certain things. I talked about just not having it in me to fight for certain things anymore. I told Him I just can't do some of this anymore. I'm tired, God. I'm done.

Thankfully, God is a really good listener. :) He just let me go on and on...and I did.

When I was done I decided to check my email. And right there, in the very first email, was a note from Paypal saying that someone had donated to the Belgium Fund. I got tears in my eyes. I knew that God had just used a generous friend to answer my prayer. (In less than 10 minutes, no less!) And to let me know that, yes, He IS sure that I am the one to go and that I just need to trust Him. I was beginning to worry about finances...and again He let me know that He will provide.

Amazing...so amazing.

Please include me in your prayers...for peace, for inspiration, for clarity, for finances, for grace...thank you.

How can I pray for you? Let me know in the comments section...the power of prayer is indescribable. Let's hold each other up...xox


Unknown said...

I rejoice for you! The Lord is so faithful and its such a beautiful thing! I started tithing and wow He boom bang opened a bunch of doors and rained down some really Awesome material Blessings! I tell my Son tho that HE is the God of the do it all it can be good health as well. No matter what happens He is the answer bc He has it All in His hands! Im so happy for you!

Sheryl said...

wow...well i could have written that entire first paragraph. so i guess you know how to pray for me.

asking God right now to bring you to my mind so that i can be praying for you as well.

Anonymous said...

: ) ing for you!

Nancy said...

Don't you love it when He reaffirms what we're doing? So glad you received that today. Bless you sweet friend.

志維 said...
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Stephanie said...

Hi there...it's been so long since I've been by for a visit! Sorry about that. It's my loss...as there is always such wisdom and encouragement here.
Isn't is amazing how He always knows exactly what we need? Well, of course, it isn't amazing at all. It's just how He is :)