Wednesday, October 14, 2009

Wednesday in the Word

Psalm 4:5
Offer right sacrifices
and trust in the LORD.
It has been brought to my attention, during my prayer time, that I don't trust God. A couple of weeks ago, during worship and prayer time at a conference I attended, I heard God whisper quietly yet very matter of factly "You don't trust Me."
Because of this, and because I want to trust God with all my heart, soul and mind, I am going to focus on trust in my my quiet my prayers. I am going to attempt to memorize scripture about trust. I am going to focus solely on trust until it is engraved in my my my mind.
When I first heard that gentle whisper, "You don't trust Me." I immediately began to cry. It hurt. It ripped my heart in two. And I argued for a minute. "Yes I do! I've always trusted You!" But...I knew. I knew the reason it hurt so much was because, was true. I didn't trust Him. Not with everything. I trusted Him with the easy stuff...the "givens"...but not the big things. Not the true things. Not with everything. And even those things I did trust Him with? I trusted Him conditionally. It was a conditional trust...always having my guard up in case the outcome wasn't what I wanted or thought was best.
So...I'm on a new journey. The journey to learn to trust with my whole heart. To trust God with everything. It's a little scary...a LOT scary. But He is worthy...He is trustworthy...He is always good, always right, always on time and always looking out for my best interest. Today, my "right sacrifice" is my heart. A "right sacrifice" is something valuable...your best. God doesn't want our petty little leftovers. He wants the first fruits...the best. That's why He asks us for the first 10% in our tithes. He says, "TRUST me in this." I heard someone say, "I'd rather have God's 90% rather than my 100% anytime." And it's so true. God is amazing...He is a miracle worker. And He provides.
Sadly, the heart I am offering Him is not my best. But with His help, it will be a little bit closer each day as I practice trusting in Him.


Camie | Red Gate Gardens said...

I love your Wednesdays. Before I open your page, I say a quick prayer that God will show me His thoughts through you - He never fails.

Thank you, friend...

Joanne (The Simple Wife) said...

Love your honesty, girl. And you blessed me right back. Cause I'm getting serious about tithing, even though it does NOT work on paper. I trust it will in God's economy!


Sheryl said...

God has been working on my trust issue for awhile now. It's one thing to say that we trust and then to look at our lives and see where we are falling short. When I became ill, this is what God said we were going to work on...Know, Trust, Love. I needed to know Him better so that I could trust Him more and Love Him with my whole heart.

I would love to take this journey toward trust with you.

Nancy said...

God speaks to me through you every Wednesday. I always find encouragement in your words. Like you, I need to fully trust Him with everything; big and small.

ThyHandHathProvided said...

What a timely post. I just finished writing about a challenge I've recently faced regarding fear. Maybe it will be helpful to you as well. I'll post it tomorrow.

Thanks for your honesty and humbleness.

Anonymous said...

okay, really - I was not ready for that. You sure have a way for making me think. I know I 'found' you for a reason.

Beegirl said...

How is it that I keep picking things up that should be left to God? Always a struggle for me too. Thank you for the voice of God coming to me over the internet. You are a blessing..

sarah in the woods said...

This is very encouraging to me. You're so right - God is trustworthy. And I need to be reminded. Thanks.