Tuesday, October 20, 2009


Last week I worked on a special order of Witch Mimi Dolls for my aunt and her coworker. I made some extra so they'd have plenty to choose from. I have 6 little witchy poo's left....looking for a place to call home.
Now it's time to begin work on angel ornaments...and a few other goodies I've been working on. So I need to clear out the black and orange and restock with whites and creams and sweet little halos. A far cry from these mischievous little gals!
These will be sold "grab bag" style...once you place your order I'll just pop a witch in an envelope and send her to you. Do you trust me? If you would like to purchase a little witch doll you can go to my Paypal directly, moonshinelane@aol.com...deposit $5, shipping is on me since it's so close to Halloween.
Thank you for your support and all of your encouragement on my creative endeavors...I appreciate all of you and am so glad that we have crossed paths. God is good like that, isn't He?


Nancy said...

who knew little witchy girls could be so cute?

Anonymous said...

they are so cute - love the eyebrows!

ThyHandHathProvided said...

I absolutely LOVE your new header- it's so lovely. These angel ornaments you are referring to, are they clothespin angels? I hope so! Make sure to show us pictures because I could use some ornaments to give as gifts. It's about time I made a purchase from you!:-)

Anonymous said...

I'm your biggest endorser. We love your witchy poos. Mine is in my kitchen window and she makes me smile.

Now angels? YAY!

Michelle, you have such talent!

Beegirl said...

Love your new header too... AND love your dolls. So adorable!!