Saturday, October 24, 2009

NOW what are you doing?

What a mess!! This is my dining room table. Aka...craft room, sewing room, drawing name it. Today, it's the craft room.

Another little something I'm working on for the craft boutique: little pocket journals.

I am having so much fun choosing color combos and making little paper pockets for inside the covers. I love a journal with pockets...for movie stubs, found bits of paper, business cards...whatever you want to tuck away.

So today I got up very early and sent Seth on his merry way to a baseball tournament. He's staying in a hotel with his friend, Jon and Jon's mom. They left at 5:45 this morning. After they left I went in to lie down "for a minute" to "rest my eyes" and "rested" my eyes until 8am! Then I had to get up and get a move on because I was meeting my friend at a craft fair at 9am.

I was right on time. Whew! The craft faire was at a local church. And sadly, it was a huge disappointment. The setting was sterile. The set-up was boring. There was no cider...not to mention, the people hosting it were somewhat rude. Not what I expect from a know? It was full of tacky jewelry, poorly done quilts, crocheted caps and scarves in horrible color combos...I'm telling you, this was not good. On the one hand we were sorely disappointed. On the other hand? We were greatly encouraged about our OWN craft boutique. I think that ours is going to be pretty cute. And set up nicely. Presentation makes a huge difference.

We're holding our boutique in my friend Janetta's home. We'll use the living room, dining room, kitchen and family room. There are nine of us involved. So far we've gota pretty good variety of items to offer...I'll be making decorative pillows, the journals and some food items. I've decided to make some flavored vinegars in pretty bottles and chocolate truffles....possibly some toffee.

So that's that for today. Kinda slow. Kinda quiet. Kinda nice!


Beegirl said...

Love your new little books! Looks like you are having so much fun at the dining table. Sorry to hear the craft fair was a bust, but what you have planned sounds wonderful! Toffee.. I vote for toffee..! Wish I could come...

Kelly said...

Sounds like fun! Your boutique is bringing feelings of warmth and laughter, I am sure you all be a success!

Anonymous said...

Crossing my fingers for much success. You have such talent!!!!! Those little books are fantastic.

Your right, presentation is a HUGE thing.

Nancy said...

Love those little journals. Very cute. Hmm...stocking stuffers?s

Kimberly said...

Your craft fair sounds fun! It is funny how little effort some things take and that people still don't do them. The pretty little details make such a difference.