Thursday, October 29, 2009

The sun is bright and the air is cool. And I am happy. I love this weather the most.

The chickens are doing great. The egg laying is slowing ever so slightly...maybe down to one or two a day. But that's to be expected.

A farmer named Charlie came to the door today a little before dinner time offering a CSA delivery. I signed up for the sample box at a discount. They'll deliver it on Wednesday and then bill us. If we like it we can continue on. If we don't, we just call and say "no thank you". I guess the next box will contain leeks, peppers and chard, broccoli and spinach, apples and kiwi. Sounds good. We'll try it out. Do you know that I have never used a leek? Ever? I think it'll be a good excuse to make potato leek soup. Anyone have a fabulous recipe? Maybe I'll try my hand at homemade yeast rolls while I'm at it. We'll see about that one! No promises.

I went ahead and decided to try the CSA since I hadn't planted anything...still. I mentioned this to Charlie the farmer and he said that it's still not too late...especially in our area. So I'm thinking that I'll still plant some kale. I'm so hyper-focused on kale. And do you know that I've never even eaten it? Yet I'm craving it. And I finally figured out why. My iron levels have been low lately...I figured this out after paying attention to several food cravings over the past week or two...spinach, mushrooms, broccoli, chocolate, oatmeal...oh man was I craving oatmeal. And I pulled down my canister of oats only to realize they were "best by" November 2008. 2-0-0-8, people! Has it really been that long since I cooked them? No wonder I'm craving iron.

Anyway...I'm really tired tonight. And sort of rambling on and on...I think I'll get some sleep and come back tomorrow when I can make some sense!


The Cottage Comtesse said...

I don't know what you are paying for the box, but I've been participating in a similar program through Abundant Harvest Organics (a bit further south probably) for almost 2 years. It has been awesome! Yes, we've had to try and experience some new things, but it has been totally worth it! I love knowing my produce is local, organic, in-season, and FRESH! Not to mention, I'm supporting small farmers who work to keep their crops sustainable. It's good for everyone (except the big farming corporations!).

WhiteStone said...

Kale likes cool weather. And its a great green veggie. Have to develop a taste for it, tho. As for leeks...a friend slices very thin, sautes it,then makes a wonderful soup.

Anonymous said...

those are good cravings! I signed up for just a veggie/fruit delivery yesterday too. ( i'll need to blog about it) I love KALE. Brown rice and sautéed Kale makes for a super easy lunch.

Nancy said...

I'm jealous. There. I said it. I want a CSA delivery. Closest one is an hour away; no way they'll deliver to me and I'm not driving that far to pick it up. Dang it.

Kale. Mmm. Haven't made it in a year. Lawman and I got onto a greens kick about a year ago when we were cutting back on carbs with our dinners (figured we probably did need that many of them every day - at 3 meals is probably a bit much). They're good and easy. I had never eaten them until last year. Go forth and conquer.

Leeks. Another Mmm. I have a friend that makes a fabulous leek & potato soup. I've cooked with them before but not regularly.

Your cravings? They're all so good. I've been eating oats about 3 mornings a week - I add craisins & brown sugar. So creamy. Just the way I like it. Try a bit of half & half with it.

Yeast rolls. Again, go forth and conquer. You can do it.

Conny said...

I've not much to add, just dropping by to say hello. I have CSA envy - fresh leeks, yumm. I have a recipe for chicken and leeks that's good. Cheers.

Mama JJ said...

A good potato leek soup? YES! Last year I posted one by Julia Child: potatoes, leeks, butter, cream, salt and pepper. Just lovely.

PS. That's a fabulous self-portrait. Really.

Kelly said...

My tiny Kale seedlings are not going to give is much I am afraid, the critters have found them to be quite tasty and I have been too distracted to get out there and do anything about it.

I prefer the White and Red Russian Kale myself. Another good one is Chard, have grown it at all?

Beegirl said...

Congrats on your CSA trial. Our local CSA subscriptions are always sold out. Hope it is great! Okay.. Potato leek: James Beard is my favorite - bit of nutmeg and cheyenne pepper.. yum! Laughing too as a friend brought a kale dish to our pumpkin party last night and I LOVED it. Kale, sweet onion, bulgar wheat, beans - o-so-yummy and I don't usually go for the vegetarian stuff! Have a pack of tri-colored kale here and wondering if it is too late to plat it? Can't wait to see what you get!!