Saturday, September 19, 2009

Saturday ramblings...

It's early. Haven't had enough coffee. It's a bullet-point kinda morning.

  • Um. Why is everyone up so early? It's SATURDAY?
  • Quintin (my nephew who is the same age as Ian) spent the night last night. They got up early and are watching an old Jimmy Stewart western...and liking it!
  • Today is busy. Dropping little brothers off at Uncle Mike's house while I go to a meeting at 8:30am. They'll stay all day and go rock climbing for Q's birthday party.
  • I need to get home by 10:30am to take Seth to his baseball tournament. Don't forget to pick up his teammate!
  • Watch tournament. All day. In the heat.
  • Come back to town by 6:30 for Quintin's birthday celebration. Cake and presents.
  • Go home.
  • Make more dolls. (I am going to have a well-stocked shop AND be ready for the boutique. Once I get these dolls in good supply, I will begin making some decorative pillow covers...and if I think I have a mess now? Oh boy.)
  • That photo of the gourd was the last one...the beautiful vine is now history. Compost. Recycled. Gone. And it's left a void. I miss that crazy thing!

    Happy Saturday!

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Elaine said...

That is a full calendar! Hope you don't wilt in the heat. It's overcast here, hopefully where you are too.

Have a great time!

Anonymous said...

you will need more coffee to get through this day - hope you realize that : )

I need to talk to you about our chickens. I have been thinking about next years garden mostly - how am I going to keep the chickens out of it!

My garden is done with the exception to a few tomatoes yet to turn and my last bit of spinach and lettuce.

Kelly said...

Geez, hope you made it through the day in one piece, I am tired just reading about it!!

Nancy said...

love the photo. Busy day. Hope it ended quietly.