Friday, September 18, 2009

Mimi Dolls...and a GIVEAWAY!

I have been working away...gluing and cutting and painting (and of course, taking photos!)...making Mimi Dolls and getting ready for my Etsy shop Grand RE-opening!
I am so excited.
I am really enjoying these little dolls...and I think you will, too.
* * * * * * * * * * * * * * * *
Now, because it's Friday. And because I am having so much fun with these sweet Mimi Dolls. And because I appreciate all of you so much...for being encouraging and kind and understanding. And for liking me even though I buy Pop-Tarts every mean every once in a while...
I am having a...
I am giving away TWO Mimi Dolls to one sweet reader.
(They are very social, don't ya know? They need a friend.)
All you have to do is leave a comment and let me know this...when you were a little girl, did you play with baby dolls? Or were you a Barbie girl? Maybe you preferred the Sunshine Family, like me. Or maybe you weren't into dolls at all...maybe you were more at home jumping bikes off of ramps and digging around in the creek looking for polliwogs. Whatever your fancy...leave me a comment and let me know and you will automatically be entered in the giveaway. (And for the record...I did all of the above! And let's just say, bike ramp jumping was not my thing. And I have the scar on my elbow to prove it!)
All entries must be in by midnight Sunday night. The winner will be chosen by random drawing and announced Monday, at the time of the GRAND RE-OPENING!
Everyone is welcome to enter! Whether you've commented a hundred times or if this is the first time you've joined in the conversation...enter. All are welcome!
Now, I'm off to get paint on my fingers! xo


ThyHandHathProvided said...

Whoohoo!. I was hoping you'd do this:-). I was a baby doll girl. My mom tells the story of me breast-feeding my doll whenever she nursed my younger brother (I was three). Now, Sadie does that when I feed Miriam:-). I had a couple Barbies and a Cabbage Patch Kid when I got older, but always spent more time with the dolls that looked more like real babies.

Anonymous said...

I was both. I played with babies but also played in cow poop. seriously. Growing up on a farm I got to experience everything!

Beegirl said...

Rub-a-dub-dolly ~ all the way!! I loved "Rubby". One day I accidently dunked her hair into a bucket of clorox my mom had dishrags soaking in. The clorox melted her nylon hair...leaving her... well... ummm... in a way only a mother could love. My mom used to make clothes for her. Thanks~ I'd forgotten how much I loved her!

(PS-I can still remember the commercial..sing it with me..
Rub-a-dub-dollieeee, soft little dollieeee, won't you take a bath with meeee????)

Elaine said...

I'm such a tomboy. I was mostly looking for salamanders in the creek behind the house and trying to find things to ride my bike off of. My family, however, didn't seem to notice my love of outdoors and they would buy me Barbie's for birthday's and Christmas.

The best Barbie accessory I had was the Barbie motorhome. I would load all my *naked* Barbies in the motorhome and take them up the hill in the backyard. I'd give it a little push and watch them zoom down the hill like some sort of runaway hippie bus.

**Barbie didn't have time to find matching outfits and therefore choose to mostly go commando**

I was quite fond of my stuffed animal dog "Henry", who is, at this very moment, sleeping on my bed.

I learned how to be a girl when I met my daughter. The girliest girl I know.

Kelly said...

"Baby Tears" was my favorite baby as a child, though I also got a set of twins (a boy and girl, in a wicker suitcase with all the baby stuff in pink and blue)I had been eyeing all year in a toy store when I was three. My favorite gift from Santa ever!

I also ate dog food on a regular basis and played with Luke Skywalker figures, so I am sure you could guess that Barbie was never my thing. Snakes and lizards were.

Kelly said...

OMG, I did the braest feeding thing too with my baby, I was also three. Too funny!!

It's me ...Mavis said...

When I was 10 I asked for a Western Wear Barbie for Christmas. Christmas morning (we were at my grandparents house) comes around and all I got was Barbie clothing Barbie....I was very upset...couldn't believe Santa would forget my Barbie...the ONLY thing I had asked for. After about an hour of my boo hooing my mother finally said....Would you stop whining.... I left the Da*m Barbie on top of the dryer at home.... I was crushed....I found out that year that Santa... know.....and I have been traumatized ever since.

Lisa Gallup said...

I was totally a doll girl, but I played HARD with my dollies! I took them in the tub with me and outside in the dirt and grass as well. :) My sister took her beautiful Barbie into the closet where she had a "hair salon" set up. When it was MY turn, I went in and actually cut all my doll's hair off. When I found out my sister had "just pretended" I was very, very sad! My sister STILL has that darn perfect Barbie AND the original box! All my dolls were loved bald. lol

The Cottage Comtesse said...

Since I pretty much only had boys to play with, I was a tomboy. I had as many match box cars, john deer tractors, and baseball cards as all the other boys. We played in the woods, hunted, fished, etc. I was still wearing my cowboy boots to school as a freshman in high school! I finally got a clue around my sophomore year and started dressing like a girl and acting like one (otherwise I would never get a date!). I did love to do art, sew, and make things. Now that I'm all grown up, I love girl things and I am very "girly". (Although I still like to play in the dirt, too!)

Jenna Galloway said...

I loved Barbies. I Had hundreds of them. One day I was looking for my favorite one and couldn't seem to find her in the bin-o-Barbies. At this point I realized that more than one Barbie was missing. We eventually found them all...Under my brother's bed. Awkward.

Love you Michelle! I think I'm moving home in April - YAY!

Anonymous said...

oh, i hope i didn't miss this! cannot wait to see your shop michelle. my God, how do you fit it all in!

i didn't do babies or Barbies, but I had my "Jenny" doll who looked a bit like me and my Grandmother made both of us matching robes.

I still have her today, she sits on my bookshelf in my bedroom. Her hair is a bit crazy (cut by me) but she is still cute as could be!

Nancy said...

Yes. Here's my chance to get one, actually two, of your cute dolls!

I played with dolls. All dolls. I had Barbie dolls, Baby Tender Love and also a Little Kiddles Talking Doll House. Like dmoms, I too grew up on the farm so my dolls went outside with me alot too!

Anonymous said...

i know that this post was awhile back, but i loved playing with much i played with them till i was 13! i loved having make believe friends and you can have any adventure you wanted when you made believe that it could happen! Sigh i think i just might bring out my barbies again lol