Sunday, September 20, 2009

Quiet Sunday.

This photo is from last month at the beach...Ian and my friend Sandra's daughter, E. It's one of my favorites. It encompasses these two perfectly. They're such good friends...and get along so well...they're imaginations run wild and on the same page. They're a kick to observe...

Yesterday was busy and full and fun. The baseball tournament was nice...not too hot...and someone brought an EZ-Up for shade. Thank goodness because I left mine at home! A lot of good that does me, eh? We got there at 11am and left at 7:30pm. LONG day. But fun.
We headed home and stopped off at my brother's to celebrate Q's birthday with cake and ice cream....and, of course, presents! We stayed a little while and then needed to get home so Seth could shower and get to bed so he could get up early today and do it all over again. He and Chris got up at 6am to go back for the second day of the tourney.
I opted out today.
Instead, I am enjoying a quiet, slow morning. Quiet. Prayer journal. Bible reading. Sipping coffee. Reading blogs. And did I mention quiet? Nice. Soon I'll hop in the shower and get ready for church. Then I'll head back home...and...yes...make more dolls. Then I'll need to start working on my pillow cover designs. That means putting away the paints and brushes and glue guns and replacing that mess with another...the sewing machine and cutting mats and stray threads. Creativity. Love it.
My only wish is that I had a designated place to do all of this, other than my dining table. Because living in such a small house, we only have one dining table. It's where we do everything...meals, homework, crafts, projects, bills...all of it. So it's not the most convenient to leave my projects set up and at the ready to work when I want know?
But that's OK. It is what it is...and I am grateful that we have what we have.
Oh dear...and look at that. One minute I have all the time in the world. The next minute I'm running behind! Time to shower and get a move on. But I have a feeling I'll be back later. xo


Anonymous said...

never mind the fact that your friends daughter is beautiful! hope you enjoy your quieter day.

Shayla said...

what a great picture! I love the sand on their hands!!!

I do exaclty what you did this morning realize I have time to blog, then I blog, then I'm running late!!!

What kind of pillow covers do you design? That sounds like fun! I am JUST now starting to get ready to learn how to sew, I bought some patterns and fabric, but have yet to pick up the sewing machine!

Anonymous said...

i have one of those all-purpose dining room tables too! occassionaly we get to even eat on it!

Nancy said...

Love that photo! The lighting is wonderful. Looks like it could be from a movie.

Most of my house is like your dining table -- all purpose!

Wren said...

Beautiful capture...