Tuesday, September 29, 2009

Tuesday. In bullet-points.

  • Going to Yosemite tomorrow.
  • Getting ready today.
  • Laundry.
  • Groceries: snacks, cat food, dog treats.
  • Pack. As lightly as possible. Yeah, right.
  • USPS to mail MY FIRST DOLL ORDER!! WOOHOO! Thank you SO MUCH Jen!
  • Banking.
  • Pay bills. Stat.
  • Show pet-sitter the ropes. And the chicken scratch.
  • Water plants on deck.
  • Litter box. Won't go into detail.
  • More laundry.
  • Youth group? We'll see.
  • Dinner somewhere in the midst of all that.
  • Breakfast burritos for tomorrow morning. Leaving at 6am. Ahem.
  • Dust and vacuum. Hate coming home to a dirty house.
  • Bust out the sweaters...suddenly it's in the 60's. California. It's as crazy as you think.
  • Brush teeth for crying out loud.
  • Get a MOVE ON and stop dallying on blogs! I've got WORK to do!

Have a great day...and pray for me. Bears are not my friend. If I can find Internet access, I just might post from beautiful Yosemite National Park! Woo!


Kelly said...

Have fun, I am looking forward to some pictures! (Congrats on your first order!!!!)

Anonymous said...

all I can say is have a fabulous time!

Elaine said...

Internet at the Ahwahnee Grand Sitting Room.

But really, don't waste your minutes in Yosemite.

Can't wait to hear all when you return!

Nancy said...

That's quite a list! Hope you got all accomplished and that you are packed and on the road...I couldn't help it but I just had a vision of the Griswald family toodling down the road in National Lampoon's Vacation! Hope it's a great trip and not quite as eventful as the Griswalds.

Anonymous said...

Hoping it was a fantastic time.

Just so you know there is a Mimi fashion show happening on my dining room table right now.

I was going to wait for Christmas, but decided not.

Now to decide which one to give my Grandmother and which to keep!!!!!

They are beautiful! You have such talent!