Friday, August 29, 2008

Back into the work force.

I started working yesterday...I'm doing childcare in the nursery at the continuation high school for the teen moms' babies. It's actually fun! I get my baby fix then send them home with their mommies! The only down side is that I am TIRED when the day is done. T.I.R.E.D. The hours are from I can drop my son off at school and I'm done in plenty of time to pick him up after school. It's ideal. I also have time to continue doing the books for our cabinetry business. I think I'll take Thursday afternoons to do the books...I'll come here right after work and my husband will leave a bit early to pick our son up from school. I'll stay here at the office doing my work until around 6 or so then head out to grab a coffee and go straight to bible study. Hubby agreed it would be good to have a Boys Night...he and the kids on their own for dinner. They can handle it! I think it will work...we'll make it work!
In gardening's still hanging in there, aside from being a bit neglected. Since school started and since starting my job I haven't been going out each morning to fawn all over my beautiful plants...and they're getting watered whenever I have time...but they're still producing. My cucumbers aren't looking so healthy...I wish I knew what their problem was...yellowish leaves, crispy's not that mildew stuff I don't think. I'm not sure what it is! I took this picture of the Sweet 100's last week...aren't they so pretty? The color variation is amazing...
TGIF...but the weekend is busy. Seth has travel baseball Saturday, Sunday AND Monday, I have a women's ministry meeting tomorrow at 8:30am, Ian has baseball practice at 9am...not to mention the house is a disaster, the dog needs a bath, we need a new toilet seat and it's 107 stinkin' degrees outside! I think I need to do a brush up over at! Maybe while they're all at baseball I can do an overhaul. Sounds like a good way to spend a 3-day weekend eh?

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