Monday, September 8, 2008

All work and no play.

I have been substituting in child care positions for our school district for the past couple of weeks so my computer time is almost nil! So of course...what gets neglected? The blog. But that's OK. I told myself when I started this thing that it wasn't going to own me...I was going to own IT.
See my one, lonely little watermelon? It's been the same size for a few weeks now. I'm assuming it's done doing whatever it is that it's going to do. I "thumped" it yesterday...and it sounded like I think it's supposed to sound. But to be honest, the whole "thump the watermelon to test it's ripeness" has NEVER worked for me. I picked up my little watermelon yesterday...and it's quite heavy. I'm hoping this means quite JUICY. There aren't any yellow spots will it not be as sweet as I'd like? Will it not be sweet at all? Either way, I'm going to release it from the vine today and open it up. This was my first attempt at growing melons so I'm feeling fortunate to have even this one little guy. My cantaloupes did nothing. Nada. Zilch. The vines were pretty. And so were the little flowers. But no melons. Maybe next year. I hear they're picky about soil. Plus I don't think I had them in a place where they got enough sun. Gardening has such a learning curve, doesn't it? Maybe by the time I'm 90 I'll have it down.

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Anonymous said...

I thought one of our watermelons was ready too the other day. Cut into it and it wasn't. I was so sad. We only have about 5 that grew. I read somewhere that the stem should want to fall off the plant....I don't know.