Tuesday, August 26, 2008

Not even close to a "peck"!

My one, lonely little bell pepper...I was so excited to have it, even if it WAS only ONE. The day before we left for Donner I went out back to give everything a good watering and to my dismay...my poor, lonely little bell pepper had a HOLE in it! Something got to it before I did. And obviously enjoyed it! I was so sad. I think I was so attached to that dang bell pepper because the plant wasn't doing all that well. Actually, the plant was fine, I just had it near the zucchini (need I say more?)...and well, you can guess the rest. SO...I moved it...into a pot, actually...and it really responded well. And started growing and flowering. And then produced a bell pepper! But...then...the bug ate it. And now the pepper itself is compost...
The plant has a few more flowers on it...and some look promising. We'll see...I may just have to wait until next year to see what a REAL homegrown bell pepper looks...and tastes!...like!

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Anonymous said...

I thought our pepper plants were never going to take off. Now I have SO MANY peppers! I accidentally broke one off the plant yesterday looking at it. It was the size of my hand! It's supposed to be yellow, but it hasn't turned and I was amazing at the size when it popped off the stem. So now we just have a HUGE green pepper! My peppers have taken off now and I have a ton. I found out yesterday that you can slice and freeze sweet peppers without blanching and they will come out crisp! So I froze 2 quarts yesterday!