Thursday, August 21, 2008

Satisfaction in a jar.

You know how people say, "If I could just bottle such-and-such.."? Well, I've decided that satisfaction can be bottled...or jarred in this case. There is such an amazing sense of satisfaction in canning food...or "putting food by". This is the gorgeous box of peaches I wrote about a couple of weeks ago (and for whatever reason couldn't get photos to upload at that time...). We ate some...I froze some...and I canned some.
This was my first attempt at canning, other than making jam, which I don't count as "canning" per se. I'm not sure why? Maybe because it's not whole food? Or it wouldn't be something that we could actually survive on should the need arise? Either way, I felt like the true test of my abilities to store food and provide for my family rested on putting by actual food. And so far, this is the closest I've gotten! The peaches are floating a bit...I'm assuming (after some reading) that it happened for a couple of reasons: (1) I didn't pack them in tight enough and (2) I processed them at too rapid of a boil. I'm not sure, really. But the next time I do some canning I will pack the jars tighter and process at more of a slow rolling boil. It's all about technique...right? Or luck!
Either way, I think they're beautiful. My family can't wait to give them a try but they're determined to wait until winter. Slowly but surely they're getting the idea of this whole sustainable living thing. I love it! I hoped it would rub off on them eventually.

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Anonymous said...

Sometimes my produce floats too. I think perhaps it's because it might have been more ripe than I thought. But it will still be tasty! I just canned 11 quarts of peaches and froze 8! Peaches are soooo yummy canned!