Monday, August 25, 2008

A good read.

Well, I finished Plenty. It got better toward the end...and more light hearted...and happier. All was well. I came to the conclusion that Alisa, the female voice, is a really good writer. She got me to feel her discomfort...and her uneasiness. While I didn't like the feeling..I've got enough discomfort of my own thankyouverymuch!...I was impressed with her ability to take me "there".
I promptly returned the book to the library this afternoon. I didn't want to tempt myself to toss it in the back of the car, only to forget about it and return it late and then get a silly fee. So...I took it back, along with another book I borrowed that I didn't read and borrowed four more! I have never really been a big user of the library...but that's going to change. I stopped at the thrift store today and almost bought a Kingsolver book for $3. But then I thought, "Why spend the money when I could borrow it for free?" Especially on fiction. I rarely read a book twice. Unless it's a how-to book...or a those are worth the money to B UY them. But from now on, I'll be borrowing anything fiction. I will also borrow how-to books...then if I love them and feel I need them in my personal library, I'll buy them used from Amazon.
Saving $3 has made me very happy today. It made up for the splurge on lunch with a friend!

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Suzanne said...

I have just recently become a big time user of the library, once I figured out how to browse the catalog from home, put stuff on hold, and then dash in and grab my stack.