Saturday, June 7, 2014

long week, long day.

Can you see his tongue? lol
Last week seemed to go on forever. I wasn't sure if the weekend was ever gonna get here!

It was the last week of school so I was busy with graduation stuff for the seniors at my school and busy at home making sure Ian got some studying time in for his finals.

In the midst of it all I went to a James Taylor concert on Tuesday night with my mom, my aunt, her sister-in-law (and my friend) and her daughter, my cousin and her friends, and a few of my aunt's friends from work. I think in all there were 11 of us. It was so much fun! Out to dinner beforehand, sitting under the dark blue sky listening to was a good night. And worth not getting enough sleep!

Not surprisingly, the weekend did get here. Today is graduation day at our local high school. And a few of my friends' kiddos are I'll be heading to their parties later this afternoon to share in their celebrations.

Graduation is so bittersweet, isn't it? We want it for our kids, we want them to succeed and accomplish good things, to move on and make good lives for themselves...we want that. But all the while, we pine for the days when they were little and life was a bit easier. I miss bath time routines and those cute little jammies...I miss tucking them into bed and reading the same stories over and over and over...I miss preparing them little boy plates and taking them for little boy haircuts.

Sigh...I miss those little guys...but I sure do love my big guys!

So, anyway....yes, today is full. But after all that? Nothing. Nothing at all. Rest. Rest. And more rest. And by "rest" I mean...staying home, doing laundry, tidying up around here, puttering in the garden, tidying the chicken coop, getting ready for another work week, cooking a healthy Sunday know, that kind of rest. (OK, maybe rest isn't the right term. Maybe more just like not leaving the house.)

So far today, I woke without an alarm, which was on my "to-do" list. I sipped my coffee slowly and caught up on blogs, also on my "to-do" list. I'm feeling so accomplished!

On that's time to get a move on. Have a good day...stay cool this weekend (it's supposed to be 106' here tomorrow...all the more reason to stay IN), and we'll talk soon!


Jennifer said...

End of school is such a crazy time. I feel silly now about having "big kids" when I read this. My youngest graduates elementary school this year. We have been there seven years total. It feels like we are losing a part of our home.

I miss those little things too though.

Happy weekend Michelle!

Denise said...

yes, 106 is too hot!!
You have air conditioning?

i had soccer all day today - tomorrow for me is your today. did it go well for you?