Friday, June 27, 2014

I say bruschetta...

Mom and I went to our local farmer's market last Saturday morning. We got some delicious peaches and plums and some gorgeous, ripe tomatoes. I knew as soon as I saw them that I needed to make bruschetta. ( you say bruSHETTA? Or brusKETTA? I never know how to say it so I say it both ways every time I say it.)

I already had everything on hand...sliced sourdough, fresh garlic, a beautiful basil plant out back and these luscious tomatoes from the market...not to mention a handful of cherry tomatoes from our garden.

I got the sourdough toasting in the oven while I assembled the tomato mixture. I had no idea how easy bruschetta was to make! I mean, yes, I've known that it was just a few ingredients on toast. But I mean...this is one.easy.recipe. (I followed this recipe loosely but omitted the parmesan. Just cuz.)

Why have I not made bruschetta sooner?

It was so, so, so yummy. And I can't wait to make it again and again all summer long. Between my new love of bruschetta and Chris' delicious homemade salsa I really hope we get a good crop of tomatoes this summer! We're gonna need 'em!

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Denise said...

one of our favorites!