Sunday, June 29, 2014

books, lists and should vs. want

One of the things I want to add to my summer manifesto (that I keep mentioning but have yet to write) is reading...a book, or two (or three or four)...from start to finish.

I have been reading other people's reading lists and perusing the book aisle at Costco now and then to see what I might like to read. So I'm sitting here thinking about books I need to look into, and thinking about the manifesto and the summer break and how I know it's gonna fly by so fast I'm not even going to believe it and how I really should do my should-do's before my want-to's, when it occurred to me...

...I have a stack of books on my very own bookshelf (and on my nightstand and on my other book shelf) that I have yet to read. Why is it I am looking for ways to gather more reading material when I haven't even read the material I already have? Isn't this always the question? I blame Pinterest...constantly gathering ideas and inspiration but never making the time to execute any of it. (Except recipes...I execute those, thank goodness or I'd feel like a total Pinterest fail!)

So...along with the manifesto, I will be writing a list of books I already have in my possession and I will make my selections from there. Novel idea, eh? (Get it? Did you see what I did there? Man, I crack myself up.)

Another thought just occurred to's looking like I am going to need to make a list of the lists I need to make. Have I mentioned how much I love lists? Maybe once or twice, I'm thinking.

How about you? What are you reading this summer? Maybe I already have it on my bookshelf and we can compare notes!

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Denise said...

I'm reading two books right now...that honestly, I am not sure I would recommend. I will finish both because that is just how I am...but they both have gone in directions I didn't see coming.

1) The Goldfinch
2) A Place at the Table

honestly, I struggle with books that don't fit in my "moral code" like I want to finish reading them yet I also feel guilty about reading them too. Okay, I just had to admit that somewhere :)