Thursday, December 26, 2013

yesterday was a really good day...

From start to finish, yesterday was a really good day. We woke early, Chris and I, and enjoyed a quiet cup of coffee with the tree lights on. We wondered when the boys might be getting up...they like to sleep in, a lot, these days.

To our surprise they were up around 8:30. I popped some danishes in the oven to bake and then we opened our presents. So much fun and so many wonderful gifts...everyone was happy with everything. I loved that. We do stockings at the end...a little bonus after opening presents. I had so much fun stuffing them this year...

When we were done we ate our fresh baked danish then some played with their new "toys" (and by that I mean music equipment and pocket knives)...some tidied up (two guesses who that was...and the first guess doesn't count!)...and I discovered a new favorite thing to do...make Instagram movies!

In the afternoon we headed over to mom's to open gifts and eat some snacks then went to the family celebration at my aunt and uncle's house here in town. So much fun...and a nice surprise guest bonus. (Hi Dave and Linda!)

We started doing a white elephant type gift exchange several years ago where we choose a letter of the alphabet on Thanksgiving and the gift you bring at Christmas has to start with that letter. This year's letter was 'Y'. It's fun and makes for lots and lots of's one of my favorite parts of our holidays together as a family.

Well...that and the just being together. I love my family so much...the immediate, the extended, the family at was a really good day. Every once in a while I would stop and look around...or listen...and realize just how truly, truly blessed I am to be surrounded and loved by so many wonderful people.

Oh...and I can't forget to talk about that photo up there. Those desserts? My mom's carrot cake on the top...she makes the best EVER. Seriously. I'm not even kidding. And the lemony goodness dessert? My aunt's delicious, best ever lemon cheesecake with raspberry sauce. I was so full after our amazing dinner...but it made no difference. There's always a little bit of room left for these desserts...always.

I admit, Christmas hasn't been my favorite holiday. But this year I adjusted my attitude the day after Thanksgiving and decided I was going to embrace Christmas...enjoy positive about it...and I gotta say, it made a difference. Maybe this Grinch heart is no longer "three sizes too small". *wink

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Denise said...

sounds like you had a wonderful day!! so good to hear.