Monday, December 30, 2013

just a quick note to say...

Pablo in the linen I don't know
if I have the heart to install glass. 

Good morning.

I'm going shopping in Berkeley with mom today...Blick Art Supplies and IKEA. Yeah...pretty much gonna be a good day. We'll stop for lunch, of course. Maybe PF Chang's since we'll be in the area.

The weather is supposed to be nice..."unusually warm" for this time of year which seems strange (and scary) when parts of the country are literally freezing for days on end.

What are you up to today? Shopping, too? Working? Laying low? Making cool things? Whatever it is...enjoy. And make it a good day.  xo

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Denise said...

have a great day!
I'm taking the girls shopping too. They have Christmas money to spend.

I wanted to tell you - that you are so sincere! I really "feel" your words you share here. thank you for that friend :)

have fun!!