Saturday, December 28, 2013

a beautiful, sunny Saturday, anxiety and another week off...

What a nice thought to wake up to...I have a whole 'nother week off. It made getting out of bed before the sun is up on a Saturday much easier...

I got up...let animals out...or in...started the coffee...and snuggled into my easy chair under the new throw Chris and the boys got me for Christmas waiting for the coffee to brew.

I was woken up quite a few times before settling into a sound sleep last night...Ian arriving home late from a long-distance wrestling tournament...Seth arriving home even later from hanging out with friends, and having to knock at the door since he forgot his key. (Oops.) But after that...pretty sure I slept like a baby. Sound and warm and snuggling with Bear Bear. He's the best snuggly kitty ever.

Everyone else slept in this morning. (Even Bear.) So I had a good, long while of quiet of my favorite things. Early morning...quiet...the peace of knowing that the day is open. makes for a quiet mind and a steady heartbeat, something I can't always count on when dealing with anxiety.

Yes...anxiety has reared its ugly head as of late. It comes and goes...mostly going because I don't give it anything to feed on...anymore. There was a time when once anxiety hit, I felt at the mercy of it...unable to shake it, control it, fight it. So it would take over. Often times, it became paralyzing...not good.

But over the years I've learned how to deal with's become a process. It sneaks up on me, I recognize it, I tell someone that it's happening, and I pray. Sometimes this process takes 5 minutes...sometimes 5 hours...and every once in a while, 5 days. But the main thing doesn't win anymore. I do. And, I'm convinced, you can, too.

Interesting where the mind goes when writing, isn't it? One thought leads to another leads to another and before I know it I'm sharing more than I intended. One of the many reasons that I like to can be cleansing, and freeing.

But even still...the sun is shining...the air is cool...and I've got nothing on the calendar. The Christmas tree needs to go out today...and I just know it's going to drop a million needles on its way because it is dry-y-y. Man..that poor little tree is dead.'s gotta go. And needles will need to be swept up. And more than likely, the Christmas decor will be put away...if not today, then tomorrow. I also want to cook something good for dinner tonight and tomorrow night...other than holiday dinners, we've been living on sandwiches and waffles. Poor Seth, he hasn't had many home-cooked meals since he's been home. I need to remedy that before he heads back to school on Sunday. (Sad. I do love having him home.)

How's your Saturday looking? I hope it's full of possibilities and whatever makes you feel good and at peace. xo

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