Friday, January 18, 2013

what a week, eh?

This week has flown by...filled to the brim with a shopping trip with mom (but not before she made me my favorite "mom" lunch...tuna sandwich with cheese and lettuce and barbecue mm mmm), an herbal class with friends, birthday preparations and celebrations for my sweet boy, coffee with a friend, a new bible study, and all of this while battling a head cold.


I just had a vision of Pepe le Peu...actually the poor little girl cat that always got that streak of paint on her back? Remember her? And whenever she'd run from Pepe she's stop and say, "Le pant, le pant, le pant."

That's me right now. ;)

But hey...we made it through. And it was good.

And now we're ready for a three-day weekend...I can feel myself decompressing already.

1 comment:

teekaroo said...

Le pant, Le pant.... Hahaha! I always loved Pepe cartoons.