Thursday, January 24, 2013

what did you do today?

Really? You did all that? Wow...I'm impressed!

Today I went to was a good work day.

Then I met my mama for a quick lunch where we talked politics, gun control and bad jokes. It was awesome. I love my mama.

After lunch I headed to a tax appointment. It was much needed and not as dreaded as I thought it would be. Go me for gettin' it done!

On the way home lots of good songs were playing on the radio and it was raining just a little bit so I decided to go for a drive. (I do that sometimes.) I had the heater on full blast, the radio playing loud and all was well in my little bubble.

Once I got home I got a load of laundry started, figured out dinner then turned on Dr. Phil. I checked email, trolled Pinterest, chatted it up on Facebook, and talked with my son after school all while having a warm, sleeping kitty in my lap.

And now here we are...

Not a bad day, really.


Denise said...

I did the morning get the kids out the door thing. Went to start laundry and realized we were out of soap! Then I went for a run and came back to do yoga but ended up talking to my mom. unloaded the dishwasher and cleaned up the kitchen, showered and headed to costco!

all afternoon putting stuff away and now I am about to take Tori to her jr. high school dance!!

dinner is pasta but a little later tonight.

Anonymous said...

Nope, not a bad day at all! Sounds very cozy!