Sunday, January 27, 2013

leveling out.

My mind has been very unorganized lately. For a while, actually. I have felt overwhelmed and behind in everything. When I am feeling like this, eventually it stops me in my tracks and then nothing, or at least only the bare minimum, gets done.

But for the past week or two I have been doing things differently...I have been my heart, to a friend, to my parents, to God...and slowly but surely things are leveling out. I can feel it. It may not be evident on the outside (yet) but I can feel it on the inside.

I feel it in the form of easier breathing, less tension in my shoulders, less tightness in my stomach and fewer headaches.

Taking it slow...listening and moving in the right direction...making things happen. It feels good...


Denise said...

this makes me so happy to read!

Beegirl said...

Slow is good. Make your own pace.. you'll get there!