Saturday, January 12, 2013

Oh Saturday, how you are growing on me.

For so long Friday has been my favorite day of the week. But now that I am working Saturday is slowly inching its way into first place on the favorites list.

So far I have done...nothing!

I am still in my pj's...still sipping coffee...still thinking about what I want to do today.

Lazy? Some might say so.

Or maybe it's more like not worrying about time for the moment and moving at a pace that allows me to catch my breath after a very long, very busy, but very good week.

I love days with nothing on the calendar. I feel rejuvenated just thinking about a day to just do whatever comes next naturally. (Although I'm thinking a shower is up real quick here...the whole "still in pj's thing" is getting old. ;)

What are you up to today? Staying in? Going out? A little of both?

Whatever it is you are doing be safe...have fun...and be a blessing to someone else.


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