Monday, May 14, 2012

the latest...

  • Mother's Day was nice...very relaxing. The boys gave me the sweetest, most thoughtful cards (that made me misty) and a dwarf mandarin tree. The Owari Satsuma variety, to be exact. Some friends of ours have one and they are de-li-cious. Would you believe the little tree they got me already has some teeny tiny mandarins beginning to form? Can't wait!
  • On Saturday I spent the day with my mom for an early Mother's Day celebration. We headed off to Napa for some lunch at The Rutherford Grill. One of mom's best friends from high school joined us, too. It was a really nice day...lunch, conversation, a little shopping, some peach and berry was a good day.
  • While we were in Napa there was a wine tasting room that had a rosemary hedge in their front courtyard. It was so fragrant and really pretty. So now I've decided that someday I would like to have a rosemary hedge.
  • I gave our room a good cleaning from top to bottom yesterday. It was overdue for a thorough dusting. Way overdue. I also gathered one bag of trash (old receipts, kids school papers that I don't really need to save, etc.) and two bags of books and such to donate to the thrift shop.
  • The garden is coming along nicely. The tomatoes have tons of blossoms, the beans are sending out tendrils, the zucchini are finally starting to grow (I was worried about them for a while), the peppers are full of blossoms. However, the peas aren't doing so great, and none of my cucumber seeds sprouted. Or they may have sprouted but the earwigs got to them before I did. I think what I'll do is start some seeds in a tray on the patio table and then set them out into the garden once they're established. We'll see how that works. Oh...and we bought a few strawberry plants the other night. Chris has been wanting to try growing we'll give that a shot, too. I've never had good luck growing them, but as it turns out his thumb is greener than mine!
So that's that...the latest. The weather is supposed to be in the mid 80's all week...I can handle that. How about you? What's the lastest in your neck of the woods?

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