Thursday, May 3, 2012


If you go take a look at this photo on
Flickr you can see what's what.
  • Our backyard is coming along. Each weekend we do just a little something to make it better. We are making our plant choices based on usefulness and/or edibleness. We still have a few things just because they're pretty...Japanese maples, hydrangeas, some succulents...but for the most part we want to be able to eat or use what we grow. Now when looking at plants Chris will ask me, "Can ya eat it?"
  • This is a wonderful post on the importance of learning to garden. Kendra says it perfectly in my opinion. The whole time I read her post I kept agreeing with her out loud. "Yes...uh huh...yep...absolutely...YES...I think the very same thing!!" It's good to know I'm not alone.
  • Have you seen the video My Friend Maia? (It's also on YouTube if this link doesn't work.) She's been doing yoga for over 40 years. She is a true inspiration. And even though she's been doing yoga for a long time, I still feel like part of her message is "it's never too late".
  • Next on the list is more citrus trees. And maybe a fruit tree or two. I spent a nice afternoon at a friend's house on Monday. She and her husband recently moved onto 5 beautiful acres. They've got a whole orchard...dang near one of each tree. Not to mention goats and chickens and a big garden. What an inspiration. As I walked around and saw the bounty I kept thinking about "a land flowing with milk and honey..." And then I told her she needed to keep bees! Visiting her gave me hope...that our dream property is out there waiting for us, too. Someday...


Denise said...

i love that video.
love is an understatement too!

teekaroo said...

I loved that blog post. I feel that sense of urgency and that's what got me on the "garden path".

Jennifer said...

my goodness. i feel the need to plant something this year. perhaps a potted garden on the porch until we can build some boxes.

starting small...some herbs this weekend i think!!