Friday, February 13, 2009

Wanna do some bird watching?

I did not take this chickadee photo. This photo came from
Doesn't THIS look fun and interesting? And for a good cause, too. Why not?
I love birds...and bird watching. I'm especially fond of hawks...and chickadees...and wrens...and doves...and the geese couples that have been hanging around in the puddles lately. These poor geese...they've been settling in the puddles along the off ramps near the freeways here in town. And then the hawks...perching high atop the light posts and telephone polls. This is incredibly sad to me. We have invaded their space so terribly that they have no choice but to squeeze in amongst the buildings and highways and technology. So sad. So shameful.
I guess the least I could do is help in some way...take some photos...pull out my dusty bird-watchers do a little research. And see some amazing birds in the meantime. Maybe I'll get up early tomorrow and see what I can see. I really need to get in the habit of bringing my camera with me every day...everywhere I go.
Wanna do some bird-watching with me? Leave me a note if you care to join me!

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